Lenticular Clouds...

...Don't Always Look Like Lentils. Or spaceships.

I’m not going to suggest what this cloud does look like—I’ll let your own pareidolia and film knowledge work for you. I will say, those old enough to remember the TV show “Flipper,” might see him make an appearance toward the end.

This cloud, last Sunday, March 27, 2022, was one of the longest stationary clouds I’ve ever seen. I started shooting at about 3PM and kept going until 10PM. My batteries only last long enough for 1500 shots, so I kept two cameras going, changing cards and batteries. The cloud was still there when I went to bed.

Music by the amazing Kyp Malone. He’s been wanting me to shoot more night timelapse, so… here’s a start.

Speaking of spaceships, sure is a lot of stuff flying around the desert sky at night.