Been Busier Than a Moth in a Mitten...

...Than a Termite in a Sawmill

Been a crazy week, friends. How busy am I? Well, apparently not too busy to look up a bunch of similes for being busy:

  • Busier than a one-armed taxi driver with a bad case of the crabs.

  • Busier than a cat burying poop on a marble floor.

  • And a bonus one that I don’t get: busier than an auctioneer’s beard.

So yes, pretty swamped. This busy-ness business means short shrift for ye olde Substack this week. I did promise baby roadrunner footage, so here it is. They are exactly as wonderful as you’d expect: funny and bossy, and they seem to work their parents’ last nerves the way toddlers do. They have also been busy, learning how to be ruthless predators. The lizards are busy running from them, the mourning doves are busy trying to keep them from finding their nests, the roadrunner parents are busy letting the kids run around without getting eaten by bigger birds who swoop in throughout the day. Pretty action-packed, in general. But you know the famous old roadrunner saying, you can sleep when you’re dead.