...that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”―Oscar Wilde
Here's a New Short Film Watch now (8 min) | About the Housing Crisis in the Desert
Been Busier Than a Moth in a Mitten...Watch now (19 sec) | ...Than a Termite in a Sawmill
If I Were April 15th, I'd Be Pissed Watch now (29 sec) | Most Hated Day in Capitalism
If You Can't Pet ThemListen now (4 min) | They're Not Pets
Lenticular Clouds...Watch now (1 min) | ...Don't Always Look Like Lentils. Or spaceships.
Forgetting FacebookListen now (7 min) | One Memory at a Time
Twin Falls, UnexpectedlyListen now (13 min) | I have not been on an airplane since 2019. This is true for many, I’m sure. My reason for remaining grounded has nothing to do…
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